Terms of use - SMS

Kiddy SMS function is an online service that allows the Customer to send SMS to registered users. Transmission is done through the API services provided by a provider. Kiddy SMS function through the provider's services is transmitted through existing telecommunications networks by agreement with a telecommunications operator. Kiddy is not responsible for any errors, defects or crashes in the telecommunications operator's telecommunication systems.


The customer is aware that the supplier's services may contain errors and inconsistencies. Such errors and inconsistencies will be remedied where possible during the supplier's ongoing updating and maintenance of the supplier, and will not affect the obligation to pay the agreed fee, and Kiddy is not responsible for any interruptions, disruptions or changes related to technical, maintenance or operational actions, including delays.
To use the function, the Customer must register mobile phone numbers with the country codes. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all information is correct at all times.


The customer must add credit with the Kiddy SMS function and Kiddy enters the SMS into the customer's account. The credit can not be paid out.
SMS credit can not be transferred to another person or account, has no monetary value, no interest accrues, can not be redeemed or refunded for any kind of money or monetary value from kiddyapp.no at any time.
Kiddy may suspend, close or block the customer's account at any time, if these terms are not respected. Blocking is done without notice and costs 150 Euro ex. VAT to reopen an account.
Customer may at any time request Kiddy to block Customer's account by writing an email to support; [email protected]


The Customer only pays for the traffic used by the Customer. The Customer can see their current credit by logging in to the Customer's account. Kiddy may change prices from day to day as the prices are based on third party prices. All prices are in NOK and / or EUR and stated ex. WET.
The customer will be invoiced for the purchased SMS credit with a payment period of 5 days.

Technical aspects

SMS can, depending on the amount of content, be put together into several messages. If an SMS contains more than 160 regular characters including line breaks and spaces, it will be sent in several messages of up to 153 regular characters each. Some services are subject to consumption limits and / or geographical restrictions that may change at any time.
Kiddy is available to the customer via the Internet. Maintenance and updating is usually done on weekdays during the period. 24:00 - 06:00 Danish time (GMT + 1). Critical updates will be made during the day.


If the Customer fails to pay an overdue amount to Kiddy or if the Customer does not fulfill its obligations under these Terms, Kiddy has the right to immediately terminate the Customer's access to SMS functions.
Access to the SMS function can only be restored when the Customer has paid all amounts due, including all costs, or closed any other significant breach. Failure to comply with these terms is always significant.

Liability and limitation of liability

The Customer is solely responsible for the Customer's use of Kiddy SMS functions including access to the messages / content sent to the Customer's recipients of the Customer's messages, eg in the form of links or messages.
Kiddy is not liable for indirect losses or consequential damages. Loss of data as well as costs for restoration and reinstallation etc. which are in any case considered as indirect loss or consequential damage, with the exception of loss of data which is covered by the EU's general data protection regulation.
Under no circumstances does Kiddy incur losses in the form of operating losses, loss of profits, loss of savings, loss of goodwill or similar losses, regardless of whether Kiddy was aware of the risk of such losses.
Kiddy disclaims any responsibility for losses incurred by the telecommunications operator regarding the cancellation of numbers or services related to virtual mobile numbers, including any numbers provided by us via SIM card. It is also the Customer's responsibility that the use of a telecom operator's SIM card is at all times in accordance with the terms and any closure as a result of any breach of this, is not refundable by Kiddy.


The customer does not have the right to transfer access to kiddyapp.no to any third party without the prior written consent of Daxap AS.

Change of terms

Daxap AS may change these terms, in whole or in part, with one day's notice.