Terms of use

These terms apply to you who use one or more services provided by Daxap AS via the Kiddy app and https://kiddyapp.no ('Daxap', 'we') i the Kiddy mobile service (the 'app', the 'service').

1. About the Kiddy app

The Kiddy app is intended to simplify how you communicate and collaborate as a member, parent, employee, manager or administrator in an organization. In addition to getting an overview of all activities and documents in one place, you can check messages, calendar, photos etc. via the app.
The service is sold to organizations or groups, with a 30-day binding period and you can delete your user at any time.

2. Conclusion of agreement

​In order to offer our services, we need to obtain and process personal information about the buyer and registered users. You can see which information we process, how and why in our privacy policy. This agreement consists of the terms below and our privacy policy. In addition to the terms of the agreement, the current provisions of Norwegian law apply at all times. The parties to the agreement are you as a user or buyer and the Kiddy app and Daxap AS.

3. To use the Kiddy app

To use the Kiddy app, the buyer must:
- Be at least 16 years old
- Register as a user
- Register at least one organization
- Have an email address
- Have a mobile phone
- Read and approve our terms of use
To use the Kiddy app, the user must:
- Be at least 16 years old
- Have an email address
- Read and approve our terms of use
3.1 Register user
Before you can use our services, you must register as a user. You do this by entering an e-mail address. A password is sent to your e-mail address and can be updated after logging in. The password is personal and must not be shared with others.

4. What you can use the Kiddy app for

Here you can read more about the various services we offer.
The purpose of the Kiddy app is to give you better control over your organization as a manager, manager or owner.
It is possible to create several organizations, departments, steps, groups, classes. Users such as employees, teachers, managers, parents, guardians, members can be linked to these parts.
The app makes communication and collaboration easier with several functions such as activities, messages, announcements, gallery, attendance, communications and much more. All these functions work in multiple languages. Norwegian, English, French, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian and Russian are active languages on the app. Announcements and notes are automatically translated.
It is a good idea to use the app in kindergartens, after-school care, schools, leisure clubs, sports clubs and courses.

5. Your responsibility

You are responsible for providing us with correct, complete and up-to-date information about yourself. Your registered user and password are personal and must not be used by or shared with others.
If we discover that you are abusing the Kiddy app in any way, contrary to the app's purpose or in connection with criminal offences, we can stop your access to certain functions temporarily or permanently and/or close your user with immediate effect.

6. Customer control

Daxap has a duty to carry out customer measures and carry out risk assessments when establishing new customer relationships and during the course of the customer relationship. This may include surveys about you and your use of the app. If Daxap requires it, you must disclose your or others' use of the app, or provide us with other information. If you do not provide us with the necessary information in connection with our work with customer measures, or if satisfactory customer measures cannot be carried out for other reasons, Daxap can terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

7. Changes

These terms of use and our privacy policy may be updated at a later date as we launch new features and services. In the event of major changes, you will be notified of this. Updated version is always available in the app and on www.kiddyapp.no.

8. Electronic communication

By entering into this agreement, you accept that the agreement is entered into on an electronic medium and that changes to the agreement can be entered into in the same way. You further accept that in certain cases Daxap can communicate directly with you in the app or to the phone number or email address you have provided to Kiddy.
Based on your activity in the Kiddy app and your data, Daxap can send you tips, recommendations and personalized advice in the app. The purpose of the advice is to give you improved management and use of the app.

9. Dispute resolution

If you want to send us a complaint, you can do this via https://www.kiddyapp.no/kontaktoss
In the event of a dispute between you as a customer and Daxap, you can take the matter to the authorities if you are not satisfied with our handling of the matter.