What are cookies and what are they used for?

A cookie is a small text file in alphanumeric format installed on the device of the user of the server of the visited website, or by a third party server (web analytics service, etc..).
When you visit the Daxap website, cookies are stored in your browser. We use this information to:
- Know which user account is logged in to be able to display the correct data for the user.
- Google analytics to get traffic statistics to your site.
- Marketing.

List of cookies used on the website

Cookies issued by Daxap


Cookies issued by third parties

Cookies may be issued on our website by third parties as a result of integrated third-party applications on our website, via third-party content.
With these cookies you can: Recognize the device while browsing all other websites or services and which advertisers or third parties that issue cookies adapt the content to your terminal.
Cookies we use for marketing and what they register:

Google Analytics:

For a better user experience. An analysis tool that registers the user pattern on, so that we better understand how to use our websites. The data is used to improve the website and your user experience. On Google's own pages, you can read more about how they collect and protect data.

Google Conversion Tracking

Records what happens after you click on one of our ads. Allows us to better customize them for you and your user experience on our landing pages.

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Collects information that is used to show customized ads to you based on which parts of you have visited.

Facebook Connect & Facebook Custom Audience

Used to verify if you have a Facebook profile, to be able to reach you with Facebook ads after you have visited, and to measure how the ads work. The data is anonymised and no personal information is registered. Read more about Facebook's privacy and how you can change your settings.

LinkedIn Ads & LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Allows us to create targeted ads on LinkedIn for previous visitors to The purpose is to create more relevant ads for the individual user based on previous areas of interest on These capsules do not record any personal information, and all data is anonymized. Learn more about managing your privacy settings.

Google Tag Manager

Used to organize and publish scripts and tags on the website.

Used to communicate on the website.

Accept / Reject cookies

You can at any time choose to accept or reject the installation of cookies on your terminal by configuring the browser.

If you accept cookies

The registration of a cookie in your computer or telephone is subject to your will. You can express and change your choices at any time and for free through the options available through your browser. If you in your browser have accepted the storage of cookies in the device in your, the integrated cookies on pages as well as content you have visited will be temporarily stored in a dedicated place in your device. They will only be visible to the sender.
How do I benefit from accepting cookies?
When you visit the Daxap website, these cookies store information on your device. We use this information, among other things, to offer products in accordance with those you have chosen during previous visits, and therefore make navigation on our website easier.

If you reject cookies

If you reject cookies in the terminal, or if you remove those that are registered, you can not take advantage of a number of features that are still necessary to navigate some parts of our website. This will be the case if you are trying to access content or services that require login. This is also the case when we or our suppliers cannot recognize (for technical accounting) the type of browser used by the terminal, settings and display language or the country in which the device appears to be connected to the internet.
In this case, the company Daxap AS disclaims all responsibility for the consequences of reduced operation of our services when it is impossible for us to store or display necessary cookies that you have rejected or deleted.

Setting up your browser

Setting the use of cookies depends on the browser. It is described in the Help menu of your browser.

For Internet Explorer

To customize the cookie settings for a website In Internet Explorer, click Tools and then Internet Options. Click the Privacy tab, then Web pages Enter the full address (URL) of the web page you want to customize the privacy settings in the address box. For example To allow cookies from the specified website on your computer, click Allow. To prevent the storage of cookies from the specified website. on the computer, click Reject. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each site to block or allow. When done, click OK twice.

For Safari

Go to Favorites and then click on the Privacy tab and Cookie Setting tab.

For Chrome

Click the wrench icon located on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings. Click View Advanced Settings. In the 'Privacy' section, click the Content Settings button. In the 'Cookies' section you can change the following parameters: Remove cookies Block cookies automatically Approve cookies automatically Define exceptions for cookies from specific websites or sites.

For Firefox

Click Tools, then Options. Click the Privacy section. In the Storage Rules box, select 'Use custom summary settings.' Check the box to accept cookies, and then click to select websites that always or never have approval to install cookies on your terminal.

For Opera

Favorites> Advanced> Cookies Cookies favorites allows you to control the way Opera handles cookies. By default, all cookies are accepted.
Accept cookies
All cookies are allowed (default)
Only accept cookies from visited websites
Third-party cookies, from a website other than the one I have visited, will be rejected.
Never accept cookies
All cookies have been rejected