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How does Kiddy work?

Why Kiddy?

Kiddy was designed to be the safest, most user-friendly communication platform between parents and institutions in the market. With an ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certification and 19 languages automatically translated, Kiddy continues to break down communication, cultural and language barriers.

Sintef, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, has showed the positive impact created by Kiddy. 83% of non-native speakers said that Kiddy to a large degree has helped ensure they get the communication they need, and 77% of all users felt that Kiddy has made communication as a whole, a lot better.

The Kiddy difference

Main benefits

The Kiddy App works across all iOS and Android devices.
Kiddy is automatically translated to 19 languages and can be further expanded.
Upload the latest photos from field trips and more and select who has access.
Share documents via Kiddy in multiple languages.
Use Kiddy’s calendar function for all activities, holidays and meetings, both with staff and parents.
Instant Communications
With real-time notifications and messaging, communications between parents and staff are seamless.
Digital Attendance Tracking
Track arrival and departure times, which is especially important in case of an emergency to get head count.

Benefits for the institutions

Employee Management
Manage Schedules, time off and tasks for employees.
Internal Messaging
Communicate internally via one centralized location.
Web Admin
Give access to the right people, with several Admin access levels to choose from.
Communicate with parents
Message directly via Kiddy in your chosen language and it will automatically be translated into the parents’ chosen language.
Daily reports
Ensure the parents have ease of mind with an automatic daily report that tracks arrival time, sleep time, departure time and other important information.
Package settings
Functionalities can quickly be added or removed depending on your changing needs.
Technical support
We offer unlimited technical support, with no hidden fees.

Benefits for the parents

Centralized communication
Use Kiddy for several children and several organizations to keep track of all your children’s activities.
Keep up to date
All parents and guardians with access to their child will receive real-time updates, limiting confusion about roles and responsibilities.
Parents receive messages in their chosen language and can write messages in their chosen language, to eliminate translation issues.

Join the Kiddy Family

Kiddy is more than just an app; We are a community dedicated to breaking down communication, language and cultural barriers between parents and institutions with the safest, most user-friendly platform in the market.

We are committed to simplifying communication – For Everyone.

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